The software development for virtual reality setups is a challenge by itself. The plethora of devices and hardware configurations (from single screen setups to multi-screen and multi-user setups) makes the development of VR applications hard and tedious.

My research during my PhD required evaluation of multiple 3D interaction techniques using diverse input and output devices. For that purpose, I developed this testing platform based on VRJuggler. The input device handling was provided by VRPN and the graphical user interface was generated by Qt3D, a toolkit based on Qt which I developed. In this platform I have conducted multiple user studies mainly on 3D object selection, but it also suports customized manipulation and navigation interfaces.


  • Multiple VR setups support - CAVE / Powerwall / 3DTV / Multi-screen / Head Mounted Display
  • Single and multi-user support: Co-located or distributed
  • Supported platforms: Windows / Linux / OSX
  • Extensible graphical user interface: Qt3D
  • Plugin system for 3D user interfaces: Selection, Manipulation and Navigation
  • Multiple file format support (through a plugin system): 3DS, PLY, FBX, XYZ, VRML
  • File load support through the ASIMP model library

Examples of usage

Different forks of the system are currently used in our labs, specially for demo purposes and for interaction with volumetric data.