TitleCollaborative Pseudo-Haptics: Two-User Stiffness Discrimination Based on Visual Feedback
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsArgelaguet F, Sato T, Duval T, Kitamura Y, Lécuyer A
Conference NameEurohaptics 2014
Pagination49 - 54
KeywordsCollaborative VEs, Pseudo-Haptics

Pseudo-Haptic feedback has been the object of several stud-ies exploring how haptic illusions can be generated when interacting with virtual environments using visual feedback. In this work we explore how the concept of pseudo-haptic feedback can be introduced in a collabora-tive scenario. A remote collaborative scenario in which two users interact with a deformable object is presented. Each user, through touch-based input, is able to interact with a deformable virtual object displayed in a standard display screen. The visual deformation of the virtual object is driven by a pseudo-haptic approach taking into account both the user in-put and the simulated physical properties. Particularly, we investigated stiffness perception. In order to validate our approach, we tested our system in a single and two-user configuration. The results showed that users were able to discriminate the stiffness of the virtual object in both conditions with a comparable performance. Thus, pseudo-haptic feed-back seems a promising tool for providing multiple users with physical information related to other users' interactions.