Virtual Embodiment

The virtual representation of the user in immersive virtual environments, the avatar, has elicited a lot of attention both in virtual reality and...

Depth Perception in VR

When interacting in virtual reality systems, the limitations of current technology alter the user’s perception of the virtual environment. Recent advances...

VR and Sports Training

Virtual Shooting in VR

Can we use VR to train athletes? In this project we explore the viability of highly immersive systems for sport training programs.

Adaptive Navigation in VEs

Motion sickness is still one of the main limitations of VR, in this work we explore how navigation can be adapted to account for the user's perception of motion...

Web3D Project

The W3D project’s aim is the development of new principles and tools to create three-dimensional Websites (structure and content) in order to enhance user experience.

3D Object Selection

Show Through Techniques

3D Object Selection is one of the fundamental tasks in virtual reality applications and the initial task for most common user's interactions in a virtual environment.

2D GUIs embedded in VEs


This project aims at providing tools for fast development of Graphical User Interfaces on Virtual Environments reusing existing 2D GUI toolkits and allowing direct manipulation.

VR Testing Platform

The software development for virtual reality setups is a challenge by itself. The plethora of devices and hardware configurations makes the development of hard and tedious...

Rendering Engine

Porta de Ripoll

This is a personal project in order to provide an OpenGL (Qt, C++) based rendering engine in order to enhance the visual fidelity of the VR Testing Platform.